Elite Testimonials

Allison B.

“My girlfriend Debbie Young is being transformed from Dr. Z and his staff! She walked in day 1 almost crippled on a walker and I’m with her today and it’s so nice to see and hear her feeling so much better back to herself day by day! She’s got bulging discs, tears, si joint issues etc! She says This Doctor and staff are simply amazing!! She highly recommends this miracle worker!!”

Ann-Lindsey D.

“I second that! I could have gone without seeing a bunch if different Drs had I met Dr Z earlier! The BEST chiropractor I have ever had!!”


“I first met Dr. Z. about a year ago, MS and anxiety had taken over my life, couldn’t even lift my leg up without his help, he has not only given me back physical strength he has taught me to believe in myself and trust others. I have no idea where I would be without his help. He is the most compassionate caring Dr. I know.”


I can’t thank Dr. Z enough for taking me out of pain! Before I came in to Elite Therapy and Wellness, I was experiencing daily headaches and stiffness in my neck & shoulders due to deteriorating and bulging disks. Dr. Z immediately devised a treatment plan for in-house therapy as well as at-home exercises. In a short period of time my headaches disappeared and the range of motion in my neck greatly improved.

As I work through my series of supervised in-house exercises, I watch the many people who have come to see Dr. Z for some kind of relief. With compassion in his voice and a positive attitude, he reassures his patients and they smile. They leave hopeful and grateful as I do every time!

Thank you Dr. Z!


We have known Dr Z for over two years. He has done wonders with my daughter’s chronic condition. Helping her to manage her pain and strengthen herself at the same time. The office is a warm caring atmosphere and everyone makes you feel relaxed and comfortable even when you are in pain. This passed year my daughter and I were in a car accident so I too am a patient and know first hand how great everyone is especially Dr Z. I would recommend anyone to this office because when you need any kind of pt your first propriety is to be pain free and feeling better. They can help you achieve that and while you are getting better you make a lot of new friends. Thank you Dr Z and staff for all that you do!!!!!

Sharon V.

The entire staff at Elite Therapy are friendly and warm, what a great atmosphere.

Dr Z really stands out as the most caring and concerned health care provider I’ve ever gone to. He shows a great deal of genuine concern for his patients and has a way of making you feel like family. He has truly changed the way I live.

I thought arthritic pain was something I had to live with as a sign of aging but Dr Z has shown me with the proper exercising and nutrition living with pain does not have to be a way of life. He creates programs uniquely designed around each individual and educates patients every step of the way. His encouragement and warm personality has a great deal to do with me staying on track with my exercises to reach and maintain pain free living.

I think anyone who becomes a patient of Dr. Z’s are in the best hands in the industry and very lucky people.

Thank you to Dr Z and the entire staff for making me feel special every time I visit.


“I have been going to Dr. Z for approximately two years now. Prior to this I went from doctor to doctor seeking help for neck and back pain, but was never able to get the relief that I needed. What’s great about Dr. Z is he takes his time with his patients. He communicates extremely well, giving each individual a complete understanding of his/her condition. He listens carefully and never makes you feel like you’re being rushed. Since I’ve begun treatment with him, I now have only occasional maintenance in order to remain pain free. I have since brought my family members and my good friend, who could not believe how caring and thoughtful Dr. Z is. He treats his patients like they are his family, and I would not trust anyone else to take care of myself or my loved ones.”

Rick C.

“I recently went to Elite Therapy and Wellness after suffering from a variety of back ailments including a herniated disc, was considering back surgery and had epidural txs. After a few sessions with Dr. Zabriskie and his staff I cancelled my follow up with the anesthesiologist. I’m currently in rehab and have begun lifting weights again!!!  Thanks Dr. Z. P.S. I would recommend AF&T to anyone considering surgery.”

Erin C.

” I injured my lower back 2 1/2 years ago while training for my first figure competition. Over the last 2 years I have seen multiple physical therapists, chiropractors, and neurosurgeons. Finally, after my third epidural did not provide any relief for my back and leg pain, I was slated to go to surgery. I wasn’t ready for that and was determined to find someone to help me avoid the operating table. I found Dr Zabriskie. After just 2 months, my leg pain is mostly gone and I actually have days without any back pain at all. I am back at the gym, with modifications of course, and feel better than I have in months. He is the most compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable chiropractor I have ever known. Thank you Dr. Z!”


“My husband John and I have been patients of Dr. Zabriskie for 3 years and are always keen to recommend him to friends. We have seen his compassion, his thoughtfulness and his expertise as illustration of a chiropractor who has an excellent education and a heart centered approach to the care of his patients.

He has given us advice regarding exercises and good nutrition. His treatments have been effective and we appreciate his explaining the treatments and illustrating the need of consistent exercise such as walking and swimming plus stretching and strengthening of the muscles which I can do at home.

He does not rush and is respectful of our conversations.

His office is well appointed, clean and efficiently organized. His equipment is well maintained and his administrative staff are courteous and knowledgeable.

In addition, his trained staff have worked with me individually doing specific exercises in the way where they were specifically geared to my needs. Customized methods in the exercise room. One of the dividends of this plan has been successful loss of weight.”

Harold G.

Truly professional in every respect, yet with a friendly, light atmosphere. Dr. Kevin Bender, with whom I worked almost exclusively to repair a tear in my rotator cuff, besides being extremely skilled, was entirely focused on my needs and capabilities. I could not be more pleased with the results, and would recommend Elite wholeheartedly.

Erin O.

I called Elite Therapy & Wellness for an appointment and they were able to see me the same day. I had been trying unsuccessfully to fix the tightness and discomfort in my legs for over 4 weeks. In less than 30 minutes at Elite T&W the pain was gone and I did not have the tightness in my legs during my workouts – a few stretches and a quick hip adjustment was the right fix.

I highly recommend Elite T&W. The staff is friendly, upbeat, caring and focused on making you feel better.

Diane W.

Dr. Z. And his staff are top notch; everyone friendly, helpful and results-driven. I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made with following their tips/education on stretching + strengthening as well as ART + adjustments. Highly recommended! 5 stars all the way!

Lynn K.

When everyone told me I could not get better Jordan told me I could, that was almost 5 years ago if it wasn’t for him I would be in a wheel chair by now. From the minute you walk through the door you feel at home, and you know you’re getting the very best care there is, the entire staff is amazing Nicole, Amy, Nick, Mike. Anyone looking for the best you have found it, right here.

Jean P.

Life changing PT! Went in for rehab on a damaged knee; got fast results and was quickly educated in the changes I needed to make to stay healthy and fully mobile on my own. Dr. Z and staff are proficient in ‘active release’ technique which releases tight muscles and restores structural balance; which in turn relieves pain and reduces occurrence of additional damage. Also received help on a shoulder bursa issue that has been intermittently painful for years; just a few corrective stretches and band exercises fixed the problem…a problem that had been addressed through another PT several years prior without lasting results. That facility did not practice ‘active release’. Dr. Z is also an excellent chiropractor, and on the occasion I need a bit of additional alignment, which is now less frequent due to PT, he straightens me out and sends me on my way completely rebalanced and anxious to go outside and do my best to screw it up again! If you have pain and are determined to stay active, please go see Dr. Z, Joe and staff. Everyone at this place is pleasant, professional, and dedicated; make an appointment, they stay busy here!

Dave T.

“After being referred here by my daughter Natalie…I finally had to get rid of the pain I’ve had for over six months. A little heat some stretching and some ice….I feel better already!

Michelle B.

“I have lived with constant back pain for 21 years. I have seen plenty of chiropractors and had some favorites. I met Dr. Jordan Zabriskie last June at a rock tape seminar and was so impressed by him that I decided to check out his practice. I can’t say enough about him. I never in my years thought I could live virtually pain free. I just assumed it was something I would live with. There is so much more to alignment than adjusting. He has helped me understand how the body works, he uses ART (active release therapy) which although painful at times, it is AMAZING the results you get. He gives you exercises to do in his facility as well as homework. Because as most of us know, in any therapeutic environment is what you do at home to build on the foundation the therapist has created, that’s where you get results. He sets you up for success!! I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half…I moved through certain exercises with pain because I figured that was my lot in life. Dr. Zabriskie helped me to see that I could use some of those movements in rehab while also being under his care. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is. I’m not easy to please and I fuss a lot when faced with the unknown.”


I started on my road to healing with Dr. Z on a Friday, desperate to find someone to help my pain. I was suffering from another one of my lower back spasms, and I couldn’t get an appointment with my orthopedic or pain medicine anesthesiologist. I was bracing myself for a weekend of torture! I had been dealing with annular tears, bulging and herniated disk pain non stop for more than two years. I was so frustrated and I couldn’t understand why or how this was happening to me at the age of 32.

The day that I found Dr. Z was the day that changed my pain, and my knowledge of my chronic condition. As soon as he started talking about nutrition, physical therapy combined with ART, I knew I was in the right place. I fell in love with his approach, and soon enough with the staff. Due to my condition, I dealt with many physical therapy places, different chiropractors (that I soon quit because I had zero relief from my pain). I have never seen a more knowledgeable and caring staff than at Elite Therapy and Wellness.

That is why Jordan and the staff of Elite Therapy and Wellness is so easy to work with through the pain, because they are so caring and attentive, always making sure that you are doing your exercises correctly at the office and making sure you know them so well that there are no excuses not do follow up at home. So, what happens is that you feel guilty if you don’t do them! Thanks to that, now I have adopted a baby, I’m now able to carry him, play with him on the floor and feel like a better hands on mom.

Thanks for giving me my active self back Dr. Z


I first went to see Dr. Z a few years ago. I work out a lot and had developed a throbbing/burning in both my legs, especially when sitting down. I had seen two orthopedic surgeons, taken an MRI and gone to multiple physical therapists to no avail. After over a year of dealing with the pain that was unbearable, especially while driving, I was referred to Dr. Z by my crossfit coach. My first impressions of Dr. Z was that he was very thorough, attentive and also a very nice guy. He was confident that he knew what was wrong with me and how to take care of me. Having been through this process with other doctors and physical therapists, I was skeptical, but Dr. Z’s optimism gave me hope. Dr. Z is very strong which you need to be in order to perform some of the ART techniques that he uses. After a couple of sessions with him I started feeling a lot less pain. Two months after I first went to see Dr. Z, the pain I was living with for over a year, and thought would have to live with forever, was completely gone. I have since seen Dr. Z for other workout related injuries and he continues to bring me back to 100% as quickly as possible. I live in New York and I make it a point to see Dr. Z every time I visit West Palm Beach.

George S.

“I am 72 years old. Approximately two years ago, I was in an accident which resulted in a ruptured disc in my neck.

After a year and a half of continuing headaches and spasms going down the center line of my back, I was groping for a solution to recover my active lifestyle. A friend of mine referred me to Elite Therapy and Wellness, and Dr. “Z” formulated a plan for my recovery. His confidence in his plan with his support staff was implemented.

After as little as three weeks, it was obvious to me that I was going in the right direction. Now, eight weeks later, I have been given my life back.

It is with appreciation and respect that I would recommend anyone to subscribe to his dedication and knowledge.

With Thanks,


Dr. “Z” is, truly, one in a million. His personalized care has changed my life forever. I will never be able to thank him enough for not giving up on me.

In 1979, and again, in 1993, I had reconstructive back surgery correcting my S-shaped spine (scoliosis). It left me with a serious phobia regarding spinal manipulation. It also left me with zero range of motion due to complete spinal fusion extending to my hips, and a forward-falling posture resulting from “Flat Back Syndrome.” That was me until 2011.

My initial visit to Dr. “Z”, in 2011, was for a serious neck injury. The “old” me cried every time. But like a magician, Dr. “Z” used song and conversation as misdirection until one day I could not figure out what I was so upset about. At this point, I trusted him implicitly with my care, and we were able to move forward with my treatment.

All of 2012 consisted of re-training my musculature. Dr. “Z” even designed custom exercises to meet the demands of my restricted mobility. It was never easy, and sometimes discouraging, but so rewarding when the commitment was actualized.

It is now 2013, and I am a new person! My family and friends cannot believe the difference in how I look and move. My corrected posture makes walking, and simply standing, sustainable. Now I can be on my feet for hours and still want to do more.

To anyone who reads this – change takes time, patience, and commitment. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: “Never, never, never give up!”

Thank you again Dr. “Z” for not giving up on me!

Joanne F.

“A thank-you to Dr. Jordan Zabriskie seems insufficient.

I met Dr. Z. when I was suffering with a back problem that had escalated to a “dropped” foot. He worked diligently using traction and manipulation to regain function of my foot and ankle.

I am a golfer, so, I have continued being pro-active in maintaining a healthy back with Dr. Z. He has helped me avoid surgery!

I have owned and operated a salon while working as a stylist for over 40 years. Being on my feet for extended hours on hard surfaces attributed to degenerative discs.

Dr. Z has built his career with dedication and compassion. He is a kind young man with a wonderful future ahead!

Carmen R. West Palm Beach, FL

If you need a chiropractor that really cares about your wellbeing and a attentive and meticulous staff, this is the place for you. I have been going to Dr. Z for a few years and I will not change it for the world. He helps me manage my chronic back pain and helps me learn how to take control of my condition. A great place with the best staff!!

Jeanne D.  Vero Beach, FL

I previously was a patient of Dr. Z. I moved away for a couple of years and have now returned.  Recently my lower back went out and I went to another chiropractor; after two visits with no progress I searched the web and found Dr. Z again. Thank goodness!  The new office is beautiful and his staff is caring and professional.  Within a week Dr. Z had me back on my feet and doing normal activities again.
I am so glad I found Dr. Z again!

Beth B.  Jupiter, FL

Dr. Z and his staff are amazing. Not only are they experts in rehabbing sports related injuries but they are a wonderful staff as well.

Kathleen M.

I had a partial knee replacement almost one year ago. My surgeon said everything went perfectly. The problem was it was still painful when I walked. I was referred several times to “Dr. Z” and finally went. It turns out the surgery WAS perfect but the muscles and tendons were not. After a couple times a week for 4 weeks I could walk WITHOUT pain. For me, it truly was a miracle. Thank you Dr. Z and staff. You are truly life changing.

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