Dr. Kevin Bender, PT, DPT, MTC


Physician Details

  • Speciality:
  • Clinic Name:Elite Wellness
  • Days:Monday and Friday
  • Clinic Time: 9AM - 5 PM
  • Reservation: Available

3893 Military Trail, Suite 2, Jupiter, FL 33458

  • by phone: 561.320.9302
  • by e-mail: amy.elitetherapy@gmail.com
  • www.pbelitewellness.com

Physical Therapist

Originally from Long Island, NY, Dr. Kevin Bender graduated in 2005 from the State University of New York at Oswego with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology of all things. After working in the zoology field for several years which included living in the Florida Keys researching dolphins, living in a tent in central Florida working for University of Florida’s biological field station, and living in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California studying ground squirrels, Kevin finally decided to switch to a more stable career (most likely a wise decision).

Given his love of sports and fitness, Kevin decided to go back to school for physical therapy and attended the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, which specializes in manual therapy. In 2012 he graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has worked in various settings since, including outpatient, acute care, and home health. In 2014 Kevin went back to the University of St. Augustine to receive his Manual Therapy Certification (MTC) and subsequently received certification in active release techniques (ART) in 2017. Kevin takes pride utilizing these skills every day to help his patients return to optimal function and performance. Although his passion is outpatient Orthopedics, Kevin also enjoys working with neurological patients, geriatric patients, and (on occasion) even pediatric patients.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys running, working out, and playing sports to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has maintained a passion for wildlife conservation and is also interested in photography, film, and literature. Kevin is also a slightly below average musician and plays guitar/piano/bass and sings (if you want to call it that). When he was cooler, Kevin played in a variety of alternative rock bands in Long Island, NY and St. Augustine, FL. You may currently see him performing solo in various bars in the West Palm Beach area. Please don’t boo.