Dr. Nicholas J Rust, PT, DPT


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3893 Military Trail, Suite 2, Jupiter, FL 33458

  • by phone: 561.320.9302
  • www.pbelitewellness.com

Physical Therapist

Dr. Nicholas J Rust, PT, DPT graduated from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 2011 with his Bachelor of Science in Biology and continued on to graduate with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the RSCNJ in 2013. Shortly after graduating Dr. Rust moved to Florida to begin a career in Physical Therapy and pursue his dream of living in a tropical climate.

Dr. Nick is a SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) certified clinician and practices using the functionally based diagnostic system to give clear, patient specific treatment protocols, driven from diagnosing dysfunctional movement patterns and the underlying cause of pain, not simply treating the source. He takes passion and pride in helping others through implementation of manual therapy, specific functionally based treatment protocols, and educating patients to understand their condition giving them the ability to overcome pain and return to optimal function and performance.

His treatment strategies include muscle energy techniques (MET’s), nerve glides, and IASTM, with a strong focus on functional movement strategies that can enable patients to have the tools they need to stay healthy over time. He believes strongly in staying active, looking at the body holistically, and educating patients so they have the ability to maintain a pain free existence long after physical therapy. He continues to read current literature on the most up-to-date and evolving treatment strategies so that he can use a variety of techniques to restore patients to optimal function. With previous clinical experience in acute care, neurological rehab, pediatrics, and orthopedics, Dr. Rust is able to use a broad scope of knowledge to cater to the various needs of patients from all walks of life.

With a strong passion and personal experience in various sports including, but not limited to: Soccer, Rugby, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Surfing, Free diving and spearfishing, Dr. Rust is able to understand and relate to painful movement patterns that alter function and cause compensatory movement strategies.

Dr. Rust is an avid waterman, spending the majority of his spare time in the ocean free diving and spearfishing, surfing, and paddle boarding. He loves to be outside and thrives being active in nature, embracing all that south Florida has to offer. He currently resides in North Palm Beach with his dog Camille.